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Our heritage


Stemming from the « partwork » passion, Alteys Collections is a publishing house resulting from 20 years of experience of the company Promoworld Europe, in creation, development and manufacture of products under licenses.

Alteys was founded in 2019 and it’s the culmination of the desire to carry out qualitative and fun projects for publishing market.

Thanks to it’s experience in terms of manufacturing and innovations with international publishers, Alteys Collections is able to offer you innovative collections,in terms of the subjects covered and in terms of the content of the projects.

Based in the heart of the French capital, we have a look on the world and its wonders, but also on the most beautiful treasures of France. This is how we build and develop our collections and partworks.

Alteys Mission


Alteys Collections attests to its long-term expertise which today enables it to bring renewal to the  partworks and collectible world.  

Creation, development, manufacture…everything os thought out and managed by Alteys Collections.  

Our teams are at the service of your desires and expectations. This is how our mission continues, with a motivated team full of imagination.  

We pay particular attention to the creation of our collections. We choose for you and with you, the  collections that will please you the most!  

From pop culture and history, to creative hobbies and astronomy, our designs are limitless! At Alteys Collections, we are awre of the new digital challenges, convinced that the publishing wolrd has  not had its last word! 

It’s this huge passion that made it possible to think about new distribution channels, to perpetuate the  tradition of magazines, build-up and partworks. 

We offer all its new products as partwork but also online, thanks to our interactive website. There, you will surely find what you are looking for among a choice of collections as varied as the  possibilities of subscriptions! 

It’s also possible to take advantage of our e-commerce website to buy the missing piece or items of your dreaming collection.

Our Concepts

Our Kiosk collections

Find some of our collections as  partworks and on our website.

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Our digital collections

Discover our Digital Collectionbs on our website and subscribe directly online.

Alteys also present our new concept of crowdfunding collection.

Alteys Collections



COLLECT OVER 450 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN LIFE-SIZE ARCHIVES! An official collection of the Tour de France.

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Collection: Warrior of the World

Join the battle! Collect figurines of iconic warriors from history: Viking, samurai, centurion, conquistadors... Explore the secrets of each one of them.



ISS INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION: Assemble this amazing model step by step. Collection in collaboration with Altaya.

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